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OWENS MOTA, Owner and Founder
Trust. Respect. Owens Mota, Owner and Founder of Top Credit Consulting (TCC) has more than thirteen years of experience in credit restoration and repair. Owens has gained the respect of more than 8,000 clients who have entrusted their financial setbacks to him and his dedicated team. He continues to build a strong business through referrals of his thousands of satisfied clients.

A leader in the credit restoration and repair business today, Owens knows and understands his clients. He once was where many of his clients find themselves now- in his own financial struggles. His own personal challenges have given him the ability to understand the needs of his clients and deliver the level of service that exceeds their expectations.

“Owens has a personal understanding of those struggling with negative credit reports and low credit scores. He believes in helping his clients take back control of their financial situation. He will help you get back on the right foot to pursue your financial dreams and find your financial independence.”

Owens holds the following key accreditations and memberships.


National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO)


Credit Consultants Association FCRA Certified


Credit Consultants Association


Member, Certified and Score certified.

“The best way to build credit is to keep the debt ratio under 50% to show 50% available credit. Always pay more than the minimum and if possible, the full balance. In the repair process you can hire a credit repair company or try to submit your own disputes based on the derogatory factor of the item. TCC Credit will walk you through the process.”

- Owens Mota

Owens is your credit coach. Ready? Let’s meet!

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