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Late child support or Alimony payments

Do late child support or alimony payments get reported to the credit bureaus? Yes.

Late child support or alimony payments ordered by a court  can appear on your credit report if not paid. If you are in arrears or have ever been in arrears on court-ordered support, the credit bureaus are required to report the delinquencies. Those late payments will stay on your report for seven years.

When the late child support or alimony payments are reported to the bureaus will vary by state. In some states, if your child support payments are overdue by six months or more, the missed child support payment(s) show up as accounts in collection. Even worse, if you get taken to court over delinquent child support payments, you may end up with 1) a court lien on your assets, or 2) a court judgment, or both. Those will devastate your credit.

How can a credit report agency help you when late child support payments are reported to the credit bureaus? Paying child support on time after it has been reported late does nothing to help your credit but missing a payment will have an extremely negative effect. A credit repair agency can help you remove the negative report from your credit file. One way to clear delinquent child support is to pay it off with a personal loan, zero-interest credit card, or another type of financing.   Removing late child support payments from your credit history takes time and can be complicated. However, once you have paid your past due amount, you have options.  TCC can help. Late child support or alimony payments will negatively impact your credit making it hard for you to qualify for car loans, mortgage or rental application, or credit card.

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